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Beacon Educator Set To Debut New Website In Time For FETC 2018

myschooldance-banner-fetc Beacon Educator Set To Debut New Website In Time For FETC 2018Beacon Educator, A Premium Online Professional Development Resource, Is Set To Debut A New, Improved Website Ahead Of FETC 2018.

beaconeducator-fetc2018-top Beacon Educator Set To Debut New Website In Time For FETC 2018

In the rapidly changing world of K-12 education, providing the best professional development is critical to teachers far and wide. Long gone are the days where “teacher work days” actually meant that the teachers learn something in a classroom setting. Districts across the country have begun to realize that one of the best ways to ensure all of their teachers are current on curriculum, standards and material, and that they continue to grow in their profession, is through online professional development.

Beacon Educator, a division of Beacon Learning Center, has been providing over 4 million hours  online professional development for teacher in Florida and beyond since 2003. Beacon Educator provides robust online professional development courses in the areas of math, reading, ESOL, gifted, professional growth and PDCP (alternative certification).

With Beacon Educator teachers can work at their own pace (within set parameters) on district mandates and goals and district staff and local school administrators can monitor each teacher’s progress which let’s them know that every teacher is where they want and need to be.  We’ve realized the success digital learning has had on students, Beacon Educator provides that same format of learning to teachers.

Teachers in districts utilizing Beacon Educator receive: research based content, expert facilitation, flexible pacing, immediate access to content and 5 to 60 hours of learning. Beacon Educator makes sure that their professional development courses and modules are current to today’s standards.

Beacon Educator is able to provide accountability for learning through course and module features. Administrators and district level staff can stay in tune with each teachers development.

As we head into the new year and prepare for FETC 2018, Beacon Educator is set to debut an upgraded and enhanced online experience. Beacon started working on plans for the newest version of Beacon Educator in October of 2016 The new exciting changes and enhancements include:

Providing better navigation and a friendlier, more responsive website.
• Updating Course and Module interfaces.
• Improving reporting tools to provide information more efficiently.
• Creating new tools to provide a greater amount of information.
• Adding options for quick registration for multiple courses or modules.
• Allowing course registration until midnight on the start date of the course.
• Updating communication features for all users.
• Allowing our development team to
– Develop content more efficiently.
– Update content more effectively.
– Validate URLs.

Their upgraded and enhanced platform will allow Beacon Educator to continue building and providing high quality professional learning and resources for educators. Beacon will also be able to support educators, schools, district and agencies with the best online digital platform for professional development bar none.

You can check out Beacon Educator’s new upgraded platform at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26th in booth #2016, The upgraded version of their site will be launched in January at beaconeducator.com.

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