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Campus Tech: 1 Beyond Could Be Your College’s Complete Video Source

Campus Tech: 1 Beyond Has Video Solutions For Every Department

1beyond-top Campus Tech: 1 Beyond Could Be Your College's Complete Video Source

1 Beyond’s Stream Machine has a variety of use cases for the college campus

It’s hard for companies to be excellent at one thing, forget about being excellent at all things. But when it comes to college campus video hardware resources 1 Beyond may just be the place, for everything.

1 Beyond manufactures, creates and develops video solutions for just about every possible use. For college campuses there are some great areas where they can prevent major headaches.

  • Campus security. Like many video equipment vendors, Beyond 1 has a wide range of HD cameras, streaming and recording, storage and other solutions. Whether you’re keeping a birds eye view of the quad, the hallways or dimly lit parking lots, 1 Beyond can capture the video and store it, making retrieval a breeze.
  • Events and sports: 1 Beyond products, like the Stream Machine were invented for on location or remote covering, documenting, recording and streaming of live events, breaking news and even an away basketball or football game.
  • Better access to education and online teacher content. 1 Beyond’s Auto Tracker camera is great for security but it’s auto follow technology also makes it perfect to follow a professor around the front of the room in order to record or stream their lecture for other students to watch later or in real time on a device. The full HD Auto Tracker means the quality is going to be good no matter where someone is watching it.  Auto Framer is another 1 Beyond camera product, this one automatically makes sure that the person in the frame stays focused and clear and automatically adjusts the zoom, tilt, pan and focus as that person changes positions in a board meeting, classroom lecture or for security purposes.

A variety of college campuses and universities already trust 1 Beyond. After they help you find the perfect solution they’ll stick with you to make sure your deployment goes well and when you have questions after you get going.

You can go “hands on” with 1 Beyond at the Campus Technology 2017 conference in Chicago, July 17-20th and online at