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CampusTech: Harmonize, Because Classroom Discussion Is Not One Size Fits All

42 Lines Harmonize Platform Provides College Level Classroom Discussion With Seamless Canvas Integration

harmonize-top CampusTech: Harmonize, Because Classroom Discussion Is Not One Size Fits All

Classroom discussion and engagement are important, especially in the college classroom. But sometimes it takes a little push to get college students to discuss anything, and once they do, it’s even harder to keep them on topic. There are several technology platforms that try to facilitate engagement, discussion and interaction but most college classrooms that are using technology for this have either jury rigged something, or they’re using a K-12 product. While there are some great K-12 products out there, classroom discussion is not one size fits all.

The folks at 42 Lines understand that. 42 Lines is a full service development firm with a knack for understanding the needs of higher education. That’s why they’ve developed a platform to engage college students in classroom discussions, called Harmonize.  When they set out to build Harmonize they needed something that professors, administrators and students would love, after all the purpose of a classroom discussion platform is to actually discuss things.  Harmonize is LTI compliant and easily connects and integrates with Canvas and Blackboard.

On the student side they’ve created harmonize with a social media feel. Their intuitive, yet minimalistic layout feels familiar, like a social network. Structured posting allows teachers and students to stay focused on the topic and the discussion. It also means that students, and teachers, can quickly catch up if they fall behind in the discussion, and they can revisit it later, when they’re cramming to get that paper done.  The interface is both intuitive and responsive meaning that teachers and students can follow along in the discussion from any device.

42 Lines also knew that crisp, rich, multimedia is an important part of the discussion. They’ve made it a breeze to post videos, photos and other rich multimedia into the discussion. They’ve simplified the process so it’s just about as easy as adding media to a Facebook Post.

Harmonize is working too. They’ve seen engagement increase up to 64% over traditional discussion tools.

Find out more at the Campus Technology 2017 conference in Chicago, July 17-20th at McCormick Place, and visit Harmonize online here.