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Campus Technology 2017: Higher EdTech Leaders Prepare For Annual Conferene

Campus Technology 2017 Conference To Highlight AR, VR, Immersive Learning And More

CampusTech-top Campus Technology 2017: Higher EdTech Leaders Prepare For Annual Conferene

The K-12 EdTech conference season is in full swing. The year started with FETC, then TCEA, SXSWedu, ISTE last month and we’re still in the midst of our Principal’s Conference coverage. Next week though, the spotlight turns to technology in higher education.

While many of the themes cross over from K-12 to higher ed, on the higher ed side we’re still faced with much larger deployments and students that are even more immersed in technology as they head to college campuses across the country and around the world.

The 24th annual Campus Technology conference kicks off July 17th and runs through July 20th at Chicago’s McCormick Place, the same venue chosen for ISTE 2018.

The conference, put on by LRP Conferences attracts campus Chief Information Officers, Vice Presidents of Technology, and other executives, as well as a variety of academic and technology professionals who are working to manage resources effectively, build seamless networks, and create new educational and enterprise models for the future.   The four day event is crammed with sessions dealing with everything from campus security to the latest apps in AR/VR and more.

This year they have some great keynote speakers including:

  • Jeffrey Selingo, author of New York Times Best Seller, The is Life After College
  • Dr. Richard DeMillo, computer scientist and best selling author
  • Dr. Jennifer Golbeck, Director of the Social Intelligence Lab and Associate Professor in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park
  • Robin Hanson, Author, and Associate Professor of Economics at George Mason Universityand Research Associate at Future of Humanity Institute of the University of Oxford. (Closing Keynote)

This year the Campus Technology Conference will also feature a variety of “Mega Sessions” including; Future Trends Forum Live: Teaching and Learning a Virtual, Wearable and AI World.  This highly engaging session will be led by Brian Alexander the host of the popular weekly webcast, Future Trends Forum. The panel will also include the team behind, Digital Bodies Immersive Learning, Emory Craig and Maya Georgieva.

The Expo at the conference will feature over 50 of the latest technology companies catering to the higher education world. Check out our preview coverage starting now and there’s still time to get tickets just follow this link.