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Campus Tech 17: Echo 360 Is Powering The Modern College Classroom

Campus Tech 17: Echo 360 Is Engaging College Students In Unprecedented Ways

Echo360-top Campus Tech 17: Echo 360 Is Powering The Modern College Classroom

The college classroom can be overwhelming for the professor and the students. If you thought getting K-12 students engaged was a hard task, then you’ve never taught in a college classroom. The folks at Echo 360 know this, and they know how to get those students engaged.

Echo 360 is a robust, feature packed video system for the college classroom that allows the teacher to create, share and teach with video content. With Echo 360 teachers can create and manage video, engage students, get behavioral data (instantly), improve outcomes and extend the LMS (like Blackboard).

It’s been proven that one of the best ways to get college students engaged is by integrating social learning and student response. In fact, student engagement increases seven fold when these tools are integrated with video. Eco 360 brings all of these technologies together in one streamlined and unified experience.

Whether students are in class, watching a live stream, or a replay, engagement tools from Echo 360 bring the educational experience to life. Within Echo 360 teachers can embed student response activities. In real time, teachers can assess a students learning or spark conversation by provoking thoughtful discussions. Assessments and questions can come in the form of multiple choice questions, activities, graphic response and even text based response. Students can answer from their computer, tablet or smartphone making the canvas infinite for the teacher.

Echo 360 can capture the instruction and even any q&a happening in the classroom. Wherever students are following along at, they can interact into the discussion.

On the student side, Echo 360 acts as a conduit to allow the students to participate in class discussions by giving them a platform to ask questions and even take notes. Students taking notes using Echo 360 are able to keep the notes with the classroom discussion so that they understand the context later on when they aren’t in class.

Does it work?

Over 3 million students use Echo 360, per term. It’s been proven to increase engagement by up to 7x. Students using Echo 360 are seeing improved grades.  Echo 360 is working because students nowadays are far more accustomed to learning through videos and interactions from a mobile device or computer. When the delivery of content and syllabi uses tools students are familiar with, engagement naturally increases.

You can check out Echo 360 at the 2017 Campus Technology Conference in Chicago July 17-20th and online