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Campus Tech: Anyone Can Build 360/VR Apps With InstaVR

InstaVR Brings VR/360 App Creation To The Masses

INstaVR-top Campus Tech: Anyone Can Build 360/VR Apps With InstaVR

It wasn’t too long after the Android App Store (now Google Play Store) and the iTunes App Store debuted that app creation websites started propping up. Platforms like Appsmaker, and AppBuilder paved the way for Google’s own “Android Instant Apps”.

Now that Virtual Reality and 360 video has caught on like wildfire, people from all walks of life are wanting to create VR and 360 apps without spending thousands of dollars.

“VR is becoming an increasing popular technology, but most people think it’s too complicated or expensive for them to create themselves. InstaVR makes it so anyone with a 360 camera, an internet connection, and an InstaVR account can be a VR creator” the company told in an interview.

Anyone includes college professors that may want to turn a lesson on Roman architecture into a VR experience or students that want to go the extra mile with an aquarium project. How awesome would it be to turn in a VR experience that included the ability to show off a concept or idea in a completely new and immersive way.

The company was founded by Daniel Haga an engineer who spent years with Autodesk. “After many years with Autodesk, he realized that VR was at a tipping point, where many people were desiring to create VR experiences, but the available software was too complicated or took too long for an average user. He decided to create InstaVR to democratize the VR creation process” the company said.

Apps and experiences created through InstaVR are compatible with all of the popular VR headsets and formats including, Oculus, HTC Vive, GearVR, DayDream, Android and iOS. All it takes to create a VR experience is a 360 camera, a web browser, an Internet connection and an InstaVR account. They even let you try the platform for free.

You can check out InstaVR in person at Campus Tech in Chicago, Booth #322 and online at