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Campus Tech 2017: OneCampus From rSmart Makes Digital Campus Navigation Easy

Campus Tech 2017: rSmart’s OneCampus Is The One Tool That Brings All Campus Digital Services Together

rmsart-top Campus Tech 2017: OneCampus From rSmart Makes Digital Campus Navigation Easy

Digital and mobile technology on college campuses today may look easy but it’s actually the hardest demographic to cater too when it comes to tech. Today’s college students grew up with digital and mobile technology.

Think about this next statement for a second, for the first time ever, Google has been around for the entire lives of this year’s incoming freshman class.

Did you let that sink in for a second? Facebook has been around as long as this year’s incoming high school freshmen have been alive. College students today have never used a monocrhome monitor and have probably never used any kind of DOS based software platform. They probably wouldn’t know what to do with an analog community bulletin board.

So technology directors on college campuses have to stay on top of technology for functionality and relevance. To help with that there’s rSmart and their OneCampus platform. OneCampus is employed on some of the biggest college campuses in the country like Purdue, Indiana University and Virginia Tech.

OneCampus brings all of a college campus’s digital solutions under one roof. Then it organizes them in an easy to use search engine style platform that’s intuitive for today’s college students. Tuition payment systems, grade systems, classroom systems, transportation systems, loyalty/coupon based campus systems and more are all quickly accessible via search and then savable via favorites (we told you it was familiar).

With OneCampus students just logon to the platform and go, no instructions needed.  If a student wants to pay their tuition, they just search pay tuition and the tuition payment gateway is clickable. If they need to find their next class, they can search for the class and find a map. If they want to know their grades or assignments due, a simple search will find it in nanoseconds.

Some of the more favorite OneCampus features include:

  • Search/Navigation
  • Favorites
  • Announcements
  • Most Popular
  • Featured Tasks
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Responsive Design

What technology directors love about OneCampus is it makes navigation easy for the students and it looks and feels like the internet and mobile apps they’re used to. There’s no slowing down when it comes to OneCampus and today’s modern students can find things out for themselves, the way they like to.

You can check out OneCampus in person at Campus Technology 2017 in Chicago, July 17th-20th at McCormick Place and online at


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