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InstCon 17 Preview: Copia’s World Class E-Learning Platform Is Driving Student Learning

BbWorld 17 Preview: Copia’s E-Learning Platform Is Perfect For Canvas Or Blackboard

copia-top InstCon 17 Preview: Copia's World Class E-Learning Platform Is Driving Student Learning

Whether your school, campus or institution is using Moodle, Canvas or Blackboard you’re going to need an e-learning platform that compliments the feature sets of either robust learning management system. If the LMS is managing the learning in the classroom by being the grade book, the plan book and the delivery mechanism, Copia is managing the learning by being the text book, the work sheet, and the reading material.

Copia works hand in hand with the nation’s leading publishers to provide teachers with unlimited access to books, texts, novels and other multimedia and then delivers it to the student via the Copia Class™ e-learning system. With Copia Class™ teachers can align their instruction to learning standards and increase the rigor of their classrooms. The e-learning platform places content at the center of instruction alongside the learner, and enables teachers to capitalize on the power of technology, providing a centralized location for a digitally enhanced classroom.

The power of Copia Class™ sets their e-learning system apart from any competitors. They allow teachers, administrators and students to access a broad range of content. Teachers can bring it all together using their Class Pack™ lesson building tool, making more feature rich lessons in a fraction of the time.

Tools within Copia Class™ allow teachers and students to engage and collaborate with one another within Copia Class™ and the school’s learning management system. Copia has made a simple LTI integration system so that in three steps Copia Class can be integrated into the LMS of choice and students and teachers can access their Copia Class™ classes and materials with a simple click in the LMS menu.

Copia has also insured that students and teachers can access Copia Class™ from any device even on and offline. When coupled with a leading LMS like Moodle, Canvas or Blackboard, instructors get a complete digital learning system, that’s scalable, relevant and familiar to students.

You can check out Copia Class™ for yourself at InstructureCon 17 at the Keystone Resort in Colorado July 25th-27th or at BbWorld 17 in New Orleans July 24-25th and of course online at