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5 Reasons To Visit Proctorio At InstructureCon 17

Proctorio Is Proctoring For The 21st Century, The Best Schools Love it.

proctorio-instructurecon-top 5 Reasons To Visit Proctorio At InstructureCon 17

When online learning began it first seemed that it would be a way to take correspondence classes over the internet. Rather than mailing assignments back and forth you could use the internet to exchange assignments, quizzes and tests in mere seconds. At first the industry took a back seat to traditional higher education.

About a decade ago online learning became widely accepted across some of the largest institutions in the world. Almost every college and university today, offers some kind of online classes that students can take towards degrees, post graduate studies or continuing education. Whatever the function in a particular college or university, it’s an important part of the overall higher ed picture.

With that, the need for online proctoring and authentication also became important. Colleges and universities need to know that their students studying and testing at home are holding up the same moral values as those students in the classroom. To help facilitate that there’s proctorio.

Proctorio is at both BbWorld 17 and InstructureCon 17 this week, talking with members of the Canvas and Blackboard user communities. Here are five reasons to visit with Proctorio at InstructureCon 2017.

  1. Proctorio is widely trusted amongst some of the top schools in the nation including Harvard and Columbia. Both highly respected institutions are gambling their own values and integrity by trusting Proctorio and it’s for good reason.
  2. Proctorio has taken the student privacy pledge meaning that they, along with 200 future focused edtech companies, have vowed to never share their students academic or personal data with anyone, ever. This is significant because that college aged demographic is one of the most sought after in the world.
  3. Proctorio is scalable, it’s not just for tests, exams and other high stakes. Faculty can use Proctorio for pop quizzes and reviews as well. In fact, it’s so scalable they can use it for any kind of assessment they can think up.
  4. Proctorio knows they’re in the security and integrity business. With that in mind they are as transparent as possible and even host an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit, found here.

Make sure you visit Proctorio this week at InstructureCon at the Keystone Resort in Colorado, July 25th-27th and online at