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InstructureCon 17 Preview: Plagiarism Busted With Vericite

Vericite Makes Sure Your Students Are Turning In Original Work, Learn More At InstCon

vericite-top InstructureCon 17 Preview: Plagiarism Busted With Vericite

Since 2014, cloud based VeriCite has been battling the number one headache for teachers across the globe and that is, plagiarism. VeriCite’s cloud based tool identifies plagiarism by comparing submitted work against an ever expanding database of sources.

You assigned a 12 page paper on the Industrial Revolution. Your students thought they were smart by going to OPPapers or They just downloaded a paper to turn in and went about their weekend. Chances are if they bought the paper online it’s already in the VeriCite database.

VeriCite integrates seamlessly with all of the popular learning management systems (LMS) like Moodle, Blackboard and of course Canvas. The students and you, retain ownership of the work turned into VeriCite even if you change LMS providers.

VeriCite has the most comprehensive database of academic work and content available. Over the past few years the company has grown their database it consists of work from several sources.  Approximately 1 million new sources are added based on topics and sources students are using including:


  • Publicly accessible, academically oriented content
  • Creative Commons OER content
  • The Common Crawl
  • All of English Wikipedia and more

VeriCite is amazingly fast meaning you don’t have to turn in assignment and wait forever to check the authenticity of it.  They bring back results in under a minute a minute in most cases. The platform uses a simple copy and paste tool where you just open the students word or other file, copy and paste into VeriCite it instantly starts scanning and will let you know right away. You can also choose to upload an entire file.

So whether you think your student just copied a little bit or an entire paper, VeriCite is there to verify it for you.

You can find out more at InstructureCon 17 at the Keystone Resort In Colorado this week and online at