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InstructureCon Preview: Shindig Fixed The Missing Link In Online Education

proctori0-720x90 InstructureCon Preview: Shindig Fixed The Missing Link In Online EducationMedia Pioneer Steve Gottlieb’s Shindig Closed The Missing Link In Online Education, Find Out More At InstructureCon

shindig-top InstructureCon Preview: Shindig Fixed The Missing Link In Online Education

As online learning evolves one of the hardest parts of the experience is the ability to communicate back and forth. Of course there are solutions like Skype and Google Hangouts, maybe even Facebook Live but that’s not the same true to life experience you would expect from an instructor/learner relationship.

Instructors, teachers and professors want to have the ability to communicate with students in a number of ways. This requires a totally scalable platform that will function as good in a 1:1 setting as it would in a lecture with thousands of participants.

Enter Shindig.

Shindig isn’t like Skype, Google Hangouts or Facebook Live. The video chat startup was created by music industry mogul and pioneer Steve Gottleib. You may recognize the name as of late because of the critically acclaimed HBO documentary, The Defiant Ones, which chronicles the lives of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Gottlieb’s contribution to the documentary was the legendary contract dispute between Gottleib’s TVT records and Interscope records over Nine Inch Nails. Gottlieb was also the pioneer that brought us Lil Jon and East Side Boys. I know you’re humming Get Low in your head right now.

Gottlieb has always been one to try and figure things out on his own and then bring them to market. In the case of Shindig the company says:

“Founder and CEO Steve Gottlieb could not understand why his 8-year old was able to make new friends over the web with ease, yet when he wanted to socialize online with old friends he was confronted with a strange, dangerous world of potential stalkers, fake identities, and anonymous oddballs. This led Steve to question why meaningful social venues and experiences were so rare online. With the cliche “the internet is a lonely place” rattling through his head, he sought to understand why the premise of online community had not moved beyond the circa 1998 online chat room. As he came to understand, the failing was thinking an old communication architecture dating all the way back to the origins of hard wired telephones offered the degrees of freedom we take for granted in normal in-person social interaction.”

Shindig is different because it’s scalable and with that users are free to join and leave conversations as they choose. The engagement with Shindig is much more natural whether it’s being used in the board room, a classroom or an event.

With Shindig’s integration with Canvas, instructors can use the platform to create on the fly office hours sessions or hold lectures from a classroom to 1000+ remote students. Whether there are 3 people in a Shindig or 1,000 the quality isn’t compromised, providing almost an in person like experience for teachers and students.

Check it out in person at InstructureCon 17 at the Keystone Resort in Colorado this week and online at