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A Dozen People To Follow For Canvas’s InstructureCon 17 #InstCon

proctori0-720x90 A Dozen People To Follow For Canvas's InstructureCon 17 #InstConFollow These 12 People On Twitter For InstructureCon 17 #InstCon

InstructureCon17-top A Dozen People To Follow For Canvas's InstructureCon 17 #InstCon

Headed to Colorado for Canvas’s InstructureCon festival? Stay up to date with what’s happening by following these 12 users on Twitter. Are you headed to Blackboard World instead? The list to follow for #BbWorld17 is here. 

@canvaslms is the official Twitter account for Canvas they’ll keep you up to date on everything official, and top secret at this year’s spy themed InstructureCon conference.

@Lessoneer from EdCaliber this Portland EdTech startup is turning heads with teachers in the K-12 community and beyond, they’ll be at InstructureCon and you should follow them

@Proctorio is the trusted proctoring platform at both Harvard and Columbia, find out why by following them and also keep up to date with InstructureCon and BbWorld 17, they’ll be at both

@Wiris is a great way to integrate complex math and chemistry formulas and equations into both Canvas and Blackboard, they’ll be at both InstructureCon and BBWorld 17 as well.

@AtomicJolt is a Utah based software company, partner with Canvas, and neighbor. They’ll be at InstructureCon and they’re already tweeting quite a bit about it.

@KonaRJones is an edtech enthusiast, teacher, bibliophile and a Canvassador

@ajgauthier Adrienne Gauthier is an instructional designer, tech guru, science educator, Canvas user and headed to the big show

@whitneykilgore Whitney Kilgore is the CAO at iDesign sponsor of the official InstructureCon meet and greet, her blog at offers great insight into leveraging technology to inspire teaching and learning

@EduRidden Julian Ridden is a Product Strategist for Instructure he’s also a geek, gamer, speaker and his feed is chalk ful of good stuff for educators, learners and Canvas users

@UnizenEd is a Canvas partner who’s  mission is to improve the learning experience by providing an environment built on collaboration, data, standards, and scale.

@mjennings_uab The Matt Man is an Instructional Designer, Canvas Trainer and a good tweeter to follow for InstructureCon

@nibletztweets is the voice of edtech everywhere and we’ve got you covered for InstructureCon and BlackBoard World as part of LMS Week

Keep up with the official #InstCon tag here.