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InstructureCon Preview: Lessoneer Makes Teachers Happy

Lessoneer Is A Teacher’s Best Friend

lessoneer-top InstructureCon Preview: Lessoneer Makes Teachers Happy

Are you a teacher? Imagine for a second that all of the best standards aligned resources from across your campus, district and region were put into one centralized place. Now imagine that you could take advantage of all the resources from your colleagues anytime you want. Imagine if you could collaborate with other teachers down the hall, down the street, across down, or across the state. And imagine if all of this was simply to help you teach better. Imagine if a tool for teachers to plan, develop and flourish was actually designed with the teacher in the center. Imagine if that system was designed to help insure the most teacher centric approach to curriculum.

Well you can stop imagining because this system is very real and it’s name is Lessoneer.

Lessoneer puts thousands of standards aligned resources from your colleagues in one centralized, cataloged location that is indexed in such a manner that it makes collaboration and lesson planning a breeze. Did you hear that a colleague had a really successful lesson and assignment, it can be shared in Lessoneer.

With Lessoneers planing and curriculum resource management platform teachers are creating better, more aligned lessons and saving valuable time. With Lessoneer in your district teachers will be able to:

  • Access daily lessons
  • see which standards have been taught
  • integrate language translations and parent newsletters
  • discover all the best OERs
  • view coaches notes and shared resources
  • Standards PD and PDQ

Lessoneer promises that with using their system in your school district, your teachers will smile more. The district will also save money by optimizing existing resources. Teachers will also save a lot of valuable time, while at the same time creating more enriched lessons for their students.

Lessoneer has been able to turn binders and binders filled with paper curriculum guidelines and streamlined them into their system which teachers can access from their personal laptop or tablet. Now teachers can go home, eat dinner, relax and work in their PJs knowing that the resources of the entire district are at their fingertips.

You can check out Lessoneer at InstructureCon 17 at the Keystone Resort in Colorado, July 25-27th and online at