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LMS Week: ModoLabs Nails The University Mobile Experience, No Coding Required

ModoLabs Shows Off Robust, Easy to Use Mobile Experience Creation At InstructureCon and BbWorld 17

modolabs-top-2 LMS Week: ModoLabs Nails The University Mobile Experience, No Coding Required

What do Harvard, MIT, and Texas A&M have in common? All three institutions have trusted ModoLabs for their mobile experience, yet they can maintain it, upgrade it, add features to it and publish it themselves.

ModoLabs is not an app development shop and it’s not a DIY tool for creating mobile apps and experiences. What it is, is a way for colleges, universities, businesses and events to create rich, feature packed mobile apps with no coding experience required,

“Whether you work in admissions, the deans office, the athletics department or the arts department, you can publish to ModoLabs mobile experience because there’s no coding experience require”. a Courtney Austermehle, the company’s Vice President of Marketing explained to

ModoLabs designs the shell of a mobile app incorporating the strict design guidelines of each institution they work with, Then each and every client can customize the app experience with everything they want, leaving out things they don’t need. The experience is as easy to operate, update, and publish as Word Press.

Some schools choose to have their tuition payment system featured in the app while others make sure that the LMS is connected. Some colleges out to offer transportation services, even Uber can be incorporated into the ModoLabs experience. It’s entirely up to the client. Schools, colleges and universities can put two or three features in their app or they can choose to offer a full smorgasbord of options to students, faculty and alumni.  Some schools, have used ModoLabs to offer a variety of apps for their diverse campuses.

Several Divsion I schools have turned to ModoLabs for their design and ease of use. Are they doing it right? Modo was the application partner for the Canvas InstructureCON 17 conference in Colorado this week, a testament to their functionality,

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