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Proctorio Levels The Playing Field In Online Proctoring IntCon 17 BbWorld 17

Proctorio Explains How They Level The Playing Field In Online Proctoring At InstructureCon and BbWorld 17

Peruse the exhibit halls of Canvas’s InstructureCon or Blackboard’s BbWorld 17 and you’ll see a lot of online proctoring companies. That’s because as online learning has grown, so has the need for a proctoring solution. But when you peel it back and look at what online proctoring companies are taking on, you really want to make sure that you choose the best one.

Proctorio levels the playing field when it comes to online proctoring. Their feature packed, robust system is actually lightweight enough that there’s no software to download, yet it provides superior integrity protection when it comes to online testing in any form.  That’s why schools like Harvard, Columbia and the entire community college system of California have turned to their proctoring solution.

proctorio-top Proctorio Levels The Playing Field In Online Proctoring IntCon 17 BbWorld 17Their platform is non-invasive and students hardly realize it’s even there. Proctorio quietly watches in the background using an automated proctoring system that looks for indicators that may suggest that someone isn’t being completely honest while taking a quiz, test or exam. Speaking of which, because Proctorio is a fully automated, easy to use and scalable system, instructors can create quizzes, test and exam sessions on the fly and then students can take the quiz, test or exam whenever they’re ready, without having to set an appointment.

Proctorio’s automated system is thorough. One question they get asked a lot is what if the student looks away from the camera, say at the clock or something like that. What Proctorio does is it takes the behavior of the student and weighs it against the other students taking the same test. If it’s a three hour test, naturally they will be looking at the clock from time to time. It flags the behavior and then an instructor can look at the footage and make a determination. Proctorio doesn’t through false positives or accuse students of cheating.

The company also takes students academic and personal privacy very seriously. The platform is completely encrypted end to end. The test and information is encrypted on the students computer, while it’s in transit and in the cloud, making their information virtually impenetrable. Not only that but they’ve taken the student privacy pledge alongside 200 edtech companies that have vowed to treat students academic and personal information with the utmost security and caution.

We spoke with Devin during LMS Week in the interview above. You can check out Proctorio for yourself here at