CES 2016

CES 2016: You Won’t Believe What This Little Black Box Is

Fasetto Shows Off New Link at CES

We are back in Las Vegas for CES 2016. This is the 48th year for the largest consumer electronics convention in the county. It officially kicks off tomorrow but we were able to see some of the hottest new technology at a press preview event held on Monday evening at the luxurious Mandalay Bay.

For nearly 50 years CES has introduced the latest in greatest in computers, televisions, audio equipment, more recently gaming equipment, cord cutting equipment and black boxes. We’ve seen everything from set top boxes like Boxee to Dell computers that were nothing more than a little black box. Well we’ve seen this years black box and it’s a lot more exciting than the latest in TV.

The Link, by Fasetto, was actually introduced last year as a wearable solid state drive of sorts. While it got an A+ for function, it was called “by far the ugliest” wearable device of CES 2015 by PC Magazine.  As for function, then it was a wearable solid state drive with 1TB of fast access storage.

Link02-1024x683 CES 2016: You Won't Believe What This Little Black Box IsNow Fasetto is back and Link is a lot smaller, and a lot lighter. Coming in at under 3 oz the new improved link is a tiny black box with up to 2tb of solid state storage space. It’s the perfect way to carry around every photo you’ve ever shot and every assignment you’ve ever done.

Being that it’s solid state, extremely lightweight and in a durable rubber like substance, you can do almost anything to the Link and your data stays safe. This is hands down the best value in off-line storage.  For bonus points it’s submersible as well so if you want to swim with all your data, so be it.

The device is wireless and has extremely fast data transfer. It also serves as a collection hub for all of your devices.

It should be available later in the year the folks at Fasetto are beta testing now. You can find out more, here.