Baby Tech CES 2016

Voxx and Project Nursery release a 1.5″ baby monitor

Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show, there tends to be a company that floats under the radar with an awesome product announcement or two. This year was no exception. Perhaps owing to the size and scope of the company – or rather the holding company – Voxx seems to fall into this category at just about every CES. This year was no exception.

Voxx-home-stuff Voxx and Project Nursery release a 1.5" baby monitor

Voxx owns nearly 20 different brands, across a wide variety of industries, a lot of which we will cover in the next few days. During their CES Press Day event, Voxx covered a few new developments across these companies. There were a ton of new and interesting products, but one of their brands really stood out: Project Nursery. If you are not aware, Baby Tech is a booming industry these days, and Project Nursery is set to become a major player after the Voxx CES press conference.

Project-Nursery Voxx and Project Nursery release a 1.5" baby monitor

There are a countless number of baby monitoring products available right now. That said, the products in the space tend to be either bulky, or light on features. Well it seems that parents no longer have to make that choice. During the Voxx presser, the company announced a new line of baby monitoring devices:

The flagship piece of the line is the Project Nursery Baby Monitor, which includes both a 5” High Definition LCD parent unit, the ultra-portable Mini Monitor with a 1.5” LCD screen and camera unit. Luxurious, high-end design finishes that blend seamlessly into any nursery, high definition video and secure wireless technology make this baby monitor the choice for parents focused on simplicity, style and safety. As a wireless and Wi-Fi-free monitor it can easily be handed off to a caregiver without a complicated set up explanation, all while maintaining a reliable connection.1

These new monitoring devices are set to completely change the baby monitoring product space. No longer do you need a massive monitor or a phone/tablet to monitor your child.

  1. Project Nursery Press Release, “Project Nursery Announces New Line of Simple, Safe and Stylish Gadgets for Mom and Baby,” 5 January 2016 (PDF)