CES 2016

ZTE unveils 2 new devices, and a T-Mobile Partneship

During press day at the Consumer Electronics Show, ZTE made several major announcements. Firstly, The Chinese phone manufacturer revealed the first of two new devices. The Grand X3, which will be sold through Cricket Wireless, is a 5.5 inch LTE device with specs on the low end. That said. the price more than makes up for the specs, or lack thereof.  The Grand X3 comes in at an incredibly affordable $129.99.

Until now, ZTE devices have been sold either unlocked, or through Cricket Wireless. Today, however, the manufacturer announced its first partnership with one of the big 4 networks. The second of the new devices, the Avid Plus, will be carried and sold by T-Mobile. This is a major step for the Chinese device maker, as it has struggled to gain a major foothold in the U.S.

Again, the Avid Plus is not going to blow anyone away with the specs, but it is incredibly affordable at $114.99. The 5 inch device is a step down in quality from the Grand X, but that is not the point. The point is that ZTE is now poised to fill the lower end of the smartphone market.

Here is Jeff Yee, ZTE’s VP Technology Planning and Partnerships, introducing the new Avid Plus: