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Checked In Will Save You Time, Here’s How [CES 2017]

ER Nurse Turned Entrepreneur Creates App To Save You Wait Time

Checkedin-top Checked In Will Save You Time, Here's How [CES 2017]

Have you ever had to go to the ER with something more serious than waiting until morning but not life threatening? Are you fortunate enough to live in a city with a choice of hospitals and emergency rooms? Did you get to the ER and have to wait for hours and hours to get seen? Well Brianne Casey, an ER nurse from Virginia feels your pain.

“I hate having to tell people they have an hour or more wait when they’re hurting or sick” Casey told us at CES. “They end up yelling at me, and I don’t have control over the situation. I always smile back”. After a particularly long shift Casey went searching for an app for that. She wanted to find an app that could tell people wait times in ER’s and other businesses prone to long lines and waiting. Her search came up short. So she created it.

Checked In allows businesses to use a simple web based application to report their current wait time. That wait time is then sent to the app where patrons can see just how long they are going to have to wait. When a user looks up a wait time they’ll have an option to get into the wait queue. Then, when their turn is coming up they will receive an SMS text message letting them know it’s their turn. This saves patients, and users time. It also improves customer service for businesses and hospitals using CheckedIn. Even if a long wait time is totally out of the hands of the business, the business is the first source of complaint on the internet.

CheckedIn is perfect for various industries including:

  • Airlines
  • Automotive
  • Beauty Industries
  • Electronics
  • Government, Military and Non Profit Organizations
  • Health Care
  • Restaurants
  • Retail and Repair
  • Veterinary

Casey hopes to release CheckedIn later in the spring. Her team is currently signing up businesses for their beta test. Find out more about Checkedin here at Checkedin.tech.

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