CES 2017

Going Wurfing At Work Or At CES

wurf-top Going Wurfing At Work Or At CESThe anti-fatigue battle is a hard one, especially for those that prefer a standing desk to a sitting desk. There are lots of benefits to a standing desk, the blood flows better and it’s great for posture, just to name a few.  There are also tons of anti-fatigue mats out there that sell themselves on helping you stay up straight, awake and productive during your work day.

There’s only one Wurfboard

Wurfboard allows you to move around as much or as little as you would like while you’re working at your standing desk. Some of the other benefits of a WurfBoard include:

  • Air spring design that improves circulation by stimulating micromovements
  • Wurf is lightweight, just two pounds, and easy to move with your feet.
  • Fully adjustable whether you prefer bouncy, soft or firm
  • Wurf improves posture so you can stand comfortably. longer.
  • Wurf is relaxing and reduces stress
  • Burns more calories than standing alone

There are also over 160 exercises you can do on your Wurf Board that you can find on the companies website at wurf.com

We are incredibly impressed with not only the idea of the Wurf, but also with the quality of design and construction,” said Josh McKenzie of Innovation & Tech Today Magazine. “CES is a great place to showcase new innovations, and Wurf is something we think people should be seeing.”

You’ll be able to find and try out the Wurf Board in South Hall booth 21649 during CES January 5-8th in Las Vegas.