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If You Liked The Clapper And The Tap Light You’ll Love Knocki

Knocki Makes Smart Home Control Incredibly Simple

If you remember The Clapper and the Tap Light then you’ll appreciate the simple and cleverness of Knocki. Knocki is a smart device that controls whatever you want, by simply tapping. It turns whatever surface it’s attached to into a controller for the smart home.

Knocki is a small round device reminiscent of a hockey puck or the tap light. You can attach it to a wall, a night stand, the dresser, a desk or a table. Once it’s attached to something, the entire surface becomes the controller.

If you set it up on the underside of the table, knocking, or tapping on the table will trigger the action you’ve set up. For example, you can knock on the table two times to turn a light off. Perhaps you want to set an action to find your lost phone, three knocks and your phone is found.

According to the founders Knocki is “the simplest, most natural, and accessible way to control the world around you.”

Knocki can integrate with Nest, Phillips Hue, August and Kevo smart locks and a slew of other connected devices. It’s easy for the user to program, and you can program the Knocki for multiple interactions. Knocki can be programmed for 10 separate functions. The best part is that Knocki’s sensors know when it’s being knocked as opposed to the normal “hustle and bustle” of everyday life. If you have Knocki attached to your desk and you put your laptop down, you don’t have to worry about accidentally opening the garage door.

Knocki is often compared to The Clapper, the Knocki team quickly distinguishes itself from the 1980’s staple device saying “with Knocki your dog isn’t going to bark and turn the lights off”. With it’s aged technology the Clapper often turned lights on and off at any loud noise.

We caught up with them at CES where they gave us a quick demonstration of how simple it is to use. They told us that they will be shipping alpha units starting now and plan to be available to the public in May. Knocki raised over $1 million dollars on Kickstarter. Their initial goal was $30,000.