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RoamingTails Is The Pet Tag All Pet Owners Need [video]

CES 2017: RoamingTails Is The Future Of The Microchip

roamingtails-top RoamingTails Is The Pet Tag All Pet Owners Need [video]

We saw lot’s of connected pet tags at CES. Some of them are already on the market and some are headed to development. We saw just as many pet tags at last year’s CES as well.  Most pet tags can help find your pet if it’s lost, using some kind of combination between Bluetooth and GPS. Pet’s are important to people and smartphone, app and iOT technology have rendered the sign on the mailbox obsolete.

What we’ve been for though, is a Pet Tag that would make the antiquated microchip technology obsolete as well. RoamingTails will finally do that.

Currently, if you’re taking a jog and find a lost dog, you probably look for a tag. If it doesn’t have a tag, you may take it home, give it some food and water call about the neighborhood. A handful of people may think to take the dog to the local animal hospital in hopes that they have a microchip reader. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure how anxious I would be, having a strange dog ride shotgun in my car to the vet’s office.

With all the technology available today, there had to be a way to put the microchip in the hands of everyone with a smartphone. With RoamingTails that technology finally exists.

RoamingTails is packed with feature that every pet owner will love, but real quick let’s talk about that old microchip.

roamingtails21 RoamingTails Is The Pet Tag All Pet Owners Need [video]The RoamingTails tag has a watermark built into it. With this watermark, when a dog with a RoamingTails chip gets lost, and Mary the neighbor down the street finds him, she can use her phone to see who he is. By using the RoamingTails app, Mary can scan the tag and get the dogs name, owner’s name, contact information and any important alerts about the animal. This eliminates the need for the trip to the vet to scan a microchip. It puts aside the guess work as to whether or not the dog has a microchip at all.

RoamingTails has integrated multiple technologies into one seamless platform for pet recovery.

  • Beacon technology in the form of low-frequency Bluetooth which is used to locate missing pets. They’ve also integrated this technology into a web and app based platform that will allow pet owners to receive messages and specials from pet friendly establishments.
  • Digital watermark technology (this is the microchip part) which is used to store important pet-related information on the tag for 24/7 access. Google Maps is also used to find pet friendly establishments.

RoamingTails seems to be the first tag to actually think of the entire pet and pet owner experience. RoamingTails will be available later this year. Keep up to date with them at roamingtails.com