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Seagate Duet Is Two Drives In one [CES 2017]

Seagate Shows Off Amazon Connected Hard Drive At CES

Seagate-Duet Seagate Duet Is Two Drives In one [CES 2017]We caught up with Seagate at CES 2017. Seagate has always been one of my favorite external hard drive companies. Their products are typically more rugged, durable and pretty much flawless when stacked up against the competition. Also, I’ve personally never had a problem with Seagate and Mac OSX.

At CES 2017 they’re showing off their full line of new Seagate external hard drive products and their Lacie line.  Two of their hard drives caught my eye in particular.

The Seagate Duet is perfect for anyone that has an Amazon drive account. It’s called  Duet because it syncs files, photos and videos with Amazon Drive, customer’s data is in two places and available from almost anywhere. Initial setup is easy with a simple tutorial and login utilizing a customer’s Amazon account. They then easily drag and drop files from a Mac® or PC to the Seagate Duet. Those files will sync with a customer’s Amazon Drive account, providing the peace of mind of backup both locally and in the cloud.

The Seagate Duet also provides easy, instant mobile backup. Photos and videos on a mobile device constitute some of the most precious moments a person may have. With the Amazon Drive mobile app, people can easily back up files from their smartphone or tablet to the cloud. With the Seagate Duet drive, they can view and back up their favorite memories and files stored on their computer as well as on their smartphone or tablet using the Amazon Drive mobile app. So whether the user is plugged in at home or out hiking the Redwoods, Seagate Duet and Amazon Drive work in harmony to ensure dual backup of the memories they capture along the way.

Finally with it’s synchronization to Amazon Drive, you can use your Amazon Drive mobile app on either Android or iPhone to instantly see the files stored on the Duet. As a bonus they throw oin one year of Amazon Drive for free a ($59.99) value. Local storage is 1TB and MSRP is $99.99

Find out more at Seagate.com 


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