AgTech CES 2017

UI Student Led Agriculture Startup Turns Heads At CES

AmberAg-top UI Student Led Agriculture Startup Turns Heads At CESLucas Frye, a 24 year old who started his company while he was a student at the University of Illinois, turned some influential heads at CES last week. Frye was on hand at the largest consumer technology conference in the western hemisphere, to show off his company Amber Agriculture.  Engadget selected Amber Agriculture as a “Best Startup”

The centuries old agricultural industry has been disrupted in the last few years by technology. Smartphones, sensors and apps have helped farmers manage land, cattle, weather, spreading and more.

AmberAg-3 UI Student Led Agriculture Startup Turns Heads At CESIn the case of Amber Waves, Frye and his team, have created a system that users sensors and an app to monitor conditions inside crop storage bins. The Amber system monitors internal grain conditions, temperature and humidity. Farmers are able to monitor conditions in the bins using an app. When connected to the system, the app can control fans in the grain bins, even when the farmers aren’t near by.

The bigger picture for Frye and Amber Agriculture is to help prevent food spoilage. “Amber co-founder Lucas Frye also believes that some serious long-term good could be possible if the company could work with farmers in countries where grain spoilage has been a pressing issue.” Engadget wrote.

Frye is very happy with his team’s performance.

“We were quite surprised at first, being at this show with all these great technology companies coming out,” Frye said. “Agriculture really helped us stand out. People from all over the world have showed interest since they saw the global element of the crisis over the last few days. We have had people from CES talking with us, investors reaching out from South America, China, France.”

Amber Agriculture won the Conzad New Venture Challenge in 2016 and was named to the “Technoarti Top 100 list”.

Amber Agriculture has set out to start growing the “Smart Farm”. Kin to the smart home, sensors, apps and other technology will revolutionize the way farming is done.