CES 2017

Wear Your Feelings On Your Wrist At CES

California Startup To Debut Emora in Eureka Park at CES

Emora-Top Wear Your Feelings On Your Wrist At CESLast year’s CES was supposed to be the be all and all when it comes to the Internet of Things (iOT). This year is supposed to be all about autonomous vehicles, VR and AR. That doesn’t mean we can’t see amazing new breakthroughs in wearable technology.

California Startup Innovart, will be showing off Emora at CES. For the first time ever you can literally wear your feelings on your sleeve, well at least your wrist.

Emora is a new wearable that let’s the users keep track of their feelings and their moods in a stylish bracelet accessory. Of course to make Emora as useful as possible it also supports incoming calls, text messages, and calendar notifications. What more could you possibly need.

Emora-1 Wear Your Feelings On Your Wrist At CESThe Emora is a patent pending social smart accessory that allows each user to keep track of their emotions. The technology includes a bracelet and an app that allow users to stay connected and interact with their loved ones by tracking their feelings and thoughts through LED colors. The intuitive interaction technology includes gesture and tap control.

The Emora was designed to make communication simple, efficient, and stylish. Each user communicates by choosing a color of light to represent and record their mood, and the technology shares each user’s mood with selected friends. Each user can create their own personal codes by choosing color combinations to represent predefined messages. Unlike fitness and medical wearables, the Emora translates each user’s unique heartbeat pattern into a mood-pulse light from electrocardiogram (ECG). Both midnight black and twilight white models are available and designed to be fashionable accessories. For convenience, the Emora also supports incoming calls, text messages, and calendar notifications.

“Our goal is to create innovative products which enable people to connect with each other in ways which weren’t possible before. While social networks enable us to connect with others, there really isn’t an easy way to share your emotions. Some social media networks allow you to choose pre-defined emotions, but these are never enough for people to show their uniqueness. The Emora lets every user become his or her own stylist.” Wei Cheng Chou, CEO & Co-Founder of Innovart Design and alumnus of Art Center of College Design said in a statement.

Emora is both Android and iOS compatible so it’s perfect for everyone.

Attending CES, you can find Innovart Design and the Emora at Booth 50710 Hall G, Eureka Park