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Ashley Chloe Wants You To Meet Ensembl At CES 2018

habitaware-ces-banner-720 Ashley Chloe Wants You To Meet Ensembl At CES 2018Women Led Startup To Debut World’s First Smart Modular Entertainment System, Ensembl at CES 2018.

ashleychloe-ensembl-ces2018-top Ashley Chloe Wants You To Meet Ensembl At CES 2018

I love reading about great tech devices, especially ones where form meets function. That’s the case with Ensembl, the world’s first smart, modular home entertainment system.

Ensembl is a smart speaker, smart home controller, a light, a projector, a 360° camera, a portable party sound system, a movie theater and more. It’s all packed into a stylish design and comfortable weight. The rechargeable device is ideal for the music lover, movie lover and someone looking to throw a party on the spot. With Ensembl you’re limit free with your digital media.

The device itself is pretty amazing, but I was even more delighted to find that Ensembl is the brain child of Angela Pan the founder of Ashley Chloe and Rowkin. Pan is a fashion and function focused product person who knows that to have an excellent product it needs to have purpose, pizazz and prestige. Such is the case with Ensembl which will look great on your coffee table, entry way table and even on a dinner table set for two.

Ensembl starts with it’s speaker body. It’s battery charges via a Qi charging base which the unit fits comfortably on top of.  Modular add ons include a 360 camera, projector, light and control unit with handle.

The Ensembl should be available in 2019. With all of it’s modular add ons it’s the perfect device for the media lover. Enjoy a romantic movie night in any room in the house. Bring your media with you on a road trip to a hotel. Add some romantic music to an oceanside outdoor dinner, or start an impromptu party with music videos. There are hundreds of uses for the Ensembl and you’ll look Chic not geek when you bring it out.

Check out Ensembl at CES 2018 in the Sands Tech West booth #44109 and online at AshleyChloe.com 

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