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CES 2018 Startup Preview: You Need This Atari Pong Table In Your Living Room

tablepongproject-CES2018-top CES 2018 Startup Preview: You Need This Atari Pong Table In Your Living RoomRetro Game Loving Entrepreneurs Create The Atari Pong Coffee Table Of Your Dreams

While there will be 100s of gaming companies at CES 2018 as there are every year, one really has caught our eye. The company is called UNIS Technology, and while you may have never heard of the Canadian startup before, I assure you their coffee table may be the product I’m looking forward to seeing the most.

The Atari PONG table is a playable, real life, mechanical homage to one of the first video games ever produced.

The Pong coffee table is an analog version of the original game using magnets and physics to play the infamous game.

Gerardo Orioli, originally from Uruguay, has been living in the United States over the last ten years. He, along with his friend Daniel Perdomo and a few others, created this real world coffee table version of Pong.

The friends have been working on this Pong table for the last two years and have successfully funded the project on Kickstarter. Their next step is to show it off at CES 2018 and start raking in the orders. They got the idea and the skills to put it together from watching You Tube videos and participating in forum discussions online.

The controllers can be hidden under flaps that cover up to make a full coffee table, which of course would function as a conversation piece as well. They’ve included Bluetooth streaming so your game can have music and an LED score board. There is also a USB charging socket so that you can charge your phone at the table.

The guys behind the PONG table have received a lot of inquiries asking if it could be made into a coin-op version so they’ve decided to add that as a feature for people that want to install the pong table at their bar or restaurant.


You can try out the Atari Pong coffee table at CES at Tech East in the South Hall, January 9-12th in Las Vegas, booth #25949 and you can find out more online at

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