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Smart Desks From Autonomous AI Are Truly Smart Desks

autonomous-smart-desk-top Smart Desks From Autonomous AI Are Truly Smart DesksAutonomous Helps People Work Smarter

More and more people are switching to height adjustable desks. There are clear benefits to desks that allow workers to choose whether they want to sit or stand. There are health benefits to standing while working and there are also benefits from taking a break from sitting for hours and standing up while you work. The adjustable desk means that you’re not confined to one position.

Height adjustable desks are finding their way into offices and coworking spaces everywhere. There are even Fortune 50 companies that are switching to adjustable desks, it’s no longer the “startup” thing to do. Height adjustable desks come in a variety of styles including manual raising desks that you can crank up and down or that use hyrdaulics, and desks that have an electrical mechanism to adjust the height for the user.

Autonomous is the first company to make truly smart adjustable desks.

Their desks are ergonomically designed to offer optimized height levels whether the user is sitting or standing. They also feature a contemporary design that looks great in a variety of office environments, and some models are truly, smart desks.

The Autonomous SmartDesk 3 is the first smart desk that features an actual interface with artificial intelligence, rather than a bank of buttons to adjust the height. The display found in the desktop gives users access to important information right on their work space. It also allows users to adjust the desk up and down.

The artificial intelligence component is what sets Autonomous’ desks apart from the rest. Their AI learns the workers behavior. It knows when it’s time for the worker to sit and when it’s time for the worker to stand. The user logs in to the desk at the beginning of their work day so the AI knows who’s working at which desk. But it goes well beyond just height adjustments.

The Autonomous SmartDesk 3 becomes your smart assistant, right in your desk. It can order lunch for you and can learn what time you like to eat and what you like to eat on which day. If you eat Chipotle on Tuesdays and have it delivered by Uber Eats at 11:00am it can prompt you and have your order ready to go. If you prefer pizza on Fridays, voila it’s done. The SmartDesk 3 can remind you to take your medicine and pick up your kids. The desk is even smart enough to tell you when you should take a break from work or go grab a drink of water.

While Autonomous is constantly updating the functionality of the SmartDesk’s AI, currently it can:

  • Order food
  • Tell the user to sit or stand
  • Tell the user to take a break
  • Make coffee
  • Adjust room lighting
  • Request an Uber
  • Give you the weather
  • Play a playlist
  • Check your stocks
  • Give you meeting reminders
  • and much more.

We got to experience the Autonomous Smart Desk at CES 2018 where the company had an entire coworking space set up in the Sands Convention Center complete with these AI infused smart desks. It’s the future of officing.

Learn more at autonomous.ai 

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