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CES 2018: Our 10 Year Old Reporter Dropped Some Beats With DropMix

beyondzero-ces-banner CES 2018: Our 10 Year Old Reporter Dropped Some Beats With DropMixDropMix is the Hottest Game To Come From Harmonix Since Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and Rock Band

I don’t really care how old you are but admit it, you saw DropMix set up at Target, Bestbuy or Toys R Us and proceeded to at least try it out.

DropMix is the latest creation to come from Harmonix the company behind video game sensations Guitar Hero, Rock Band and DJ Hero. It was released in a partnership with Hasbro’s Connected Play division and it’s been taking the world by storm. People love it because it’s fun,  features the latest music, it’s competitive and people can turn into their own mashup dj sensations.

DropMix was set up in the outdoor food truck court at CES 2018 in Las Vegas earlier this month. We could hear the music coming from their pop up dance party and I just knew that the dj was using DropMix rather than two turntables and a microphone. Inching up to the booth my suspicions were confirmed as DJ JB was dropping some serious mashups using the cards from the game.

dropmix-tatum-ces2018 CES 2018: Our 10 Year Old Reporter Dropped Some Beats With DropMixThat’s how the game works, with interactive cards using NFC technology. The same technology found in iPhones and Android Phones that lets you pay with your phone.

DorpMix features hundreds of these playing cards, each with part of a popular song on it. It could be a strings like from Carly Ray Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”, a variety of instrumental and vocal parts from the Chainsmoker’s “Closer”, a handful of parts from the RUN DMC hit “It’s Tricky”, or even the Tranformers theme. Each card has a piece of music from these popular songs. As you lay the card down on the interactive board, the corresponding piece of music plays. The board is connected to your smartphone or tablet which dictates game play.

With DropMix you can choose to become a mashup dj in freestyle mode or play competitively against friends or the “computer”. Hasbro and Harmonix are constantly upgrading the library with more music available in bonus packs.

We got to talk with Dan Judkins the Vice President of Design and Development for Integrated play at Hasbro during CES. He also let our 10 year old reporter Tatum dj her own set with DJ JB. Check out the video above. You can find DropMix at your local Target, Toys R Us and on amazon.com

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