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EdTech At CES: Find Out Why Acellus Is The Leader In Individualized Web Based Learning For K-12

acellus-ces2018-top EdTech At CES:  Find Out Why Acellus Is The Leader In Individualized Web Based Learning For K-12Acellus Is Loved By Millions Of Home School, Public School and Private School Students, Teachers and Parents Nationwide

Acellus is the leader in individualized web based learning for home schools, public schools and private schools across the country. Teachers, administrators and parents love it because Acellus is constantly innovating the learning process and applying technologies developed to turn the learning process into a science.

When students sign onto the Acellus system they’re greeted with their assignments by an actual teacher that walks them through the material in a 1:1 manner. All of their lessons flow as they would with an actual teacher in the room with impactful 1:1 interactions. With each course teachers in Acellus video lessons teach the material in multiple videos, give students assignments that they can complete on any device, review the material and then give them an exam. Acellus ensures that students have mastered the material before they move on.

All of the Acellus courses are taught by master teachers that aren’t reading scripts into the video lessons, they’re actually teaching. They’re especially good at teaching hard to grasp concepts which is often where other web based learning platforms fall short. Once the teacher is finished giving each part of the lesson the student immediately completes an assignment based on the material and receives immediate feedback.  When a student has trouble mastering a concept, the Acellus platform automatically provides a special instruction video that dives more indepth into the material.

Acellus let’s the student know how they did on each assignment down to each question and each answer that they submitted. They can also keep up to date with a progress bar in real time that lets them know how much they have left in that session.

The teacher parent app allows teachers (and parents who home school) to select how many assignments their student is going to do each day. The app shows exactly what the student is working on in real time and once they complete an assignment, review or exam, they can see not only the score but the right and wrong answers as well. Acellus also provides a treasure trove of learning based blog posts and content for teachers and parents.

You can find out more about the Acellus difference at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in The Sands, Hall G booth #52313 and online at science.edu/acellus

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CES-edtech-nibletz-banner EdTech At CES:  Find Out Why Acellus Is The Leader In Individualized Web Based Learning For K-12