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Netflix, Hulu and YouTube Joining The Mile High Club Thanks To GoGo Inflight Internet

CES 2018: GoGo Inflight Currently Deploying 2KU Technology Bringing 20x The Bandwidth To Air Travelers

Chances are, if you’ve flown in the past few years, you’re familiar with GoGo Inflight Internet.  Introduced on American Airlines flights in 2008, today most of the popular airline carriers have GoGo internet on board. Over 3000 commercial planes have GoGo’s wifi service and an additional 4000 general aviation (business/private) planes, also employ the technology.

Since it’s introduction in 2008, GoGo has supplied reliable internet for messaging apps, checking email and browsing the internet. Air travelers weren’t able to stream video sites like Youtube, Hulu and Neftlix. The badnwidth available just could’t support it. GoGo was great for keeping people connected, but for streaming entertainment, most travelers were stuck with whatever the airline was providing on board.

That changed last year as GoGo announced a new faster technology called 2KU. With the new 2KU technology, customers can do “just about everything they do at home” GoGo’s Scott Carmichael explained in an interview.

Many GoGo customers would see a notice on their browser that GoGo couldn’t support streaming services. That’s all about to change.

Currently GoGo has about 500 planes that have already deployed the new 2KU technology, with another 500+ set to deploy this year. When all is said and done they plan to offer 2KU service on 2000 commercial planes. This should drastically increase the amount of GoGo users as many people want to be able to use their streaming accounts to watch movies, tv shows and sporting events while in flight.  Now families traveling with nervous children, can let them watch their favorite Netflix shows on the plane.

The 2KU technology utilizes a satellite network coupled with a proprietary modem and antennas aboard the aircraft, providing seamless connectivity to those in flight. GoGo’s 2KU technology is capable of delivering speeds up to 70mbps to the aircraft which means once distributed, every passenger can enjoy their favorite online content.

Check with your favorite airline to see if they have the latest technology from GoGo.