Austin CES 2018 Health Tech Nibletz

Medici – WhatsApp for doctor patient communication

Austin Startup Medici Is The WhatsApp For Patient/Doctor Communication

One of the most interesting things we saw a CES 2018 was a new app aim ed at better connecting healthcare patients and providers. Essentially, Medici is a communications app – think WhatsApp or MEssenger – that allows patients to text, video, and call securely with their healthcare providers. The HIPPA-compliant app aims to make the whole health care system much more efficient. As Clint Phillips, the company’s CEO told us in an interview below, the industry is riddle with inefficiencies that they app can all but eliminate. Things as simple as parking or calling to schedule an appointment.

Rather than being put on hold for god know how long, or fighting to get a parking spot, you can simply call or test your doctor. This works extremely well for things like follow up appointments. Though these follow up appointments can be critical, more often than not they are little more than a formality. The idea behind Medici is to eliminate all of the frivolous and ultimately useless trips to the doctor. Think about it. If you feel as though you are healing properly, or your new prescription are working, rather than visiting your doctor for a follow up, you could simply text or video chat with them.

Further, this app will also help facilitate interactions between doctors and patients when the patients are unsure it warrants a visit. If you have a rash, or if you have a cut or laceration, you may just need to send an image through the app., rather than making a visit to the doctor.

During CES, we had a chance to speak with Clinton Philips, the CEO of Medici app. He shed a little light on how the app works, and some of the scenarios that people are using the app for.

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