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CES 2018: Silly Rabbit, Merge Makes VR For Kids

2Sens-Banner-for-CES-2018 CES 2018: Silly Rabbit, Merge Makes VR For KidsMerge Makes VR, AR and MR Fun For Kids, Our 10 Year Old Reporter Agrees

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are supposed to be fun. While companies across the globe are striving to take the technology mainstream and branch out from guys that still live in their parent’s basements, only one company is creating AR, VR and MR products for kids. You would think with gaming technology merging the real world and the digital world, kids would want to participate as well. That’s the ethos behind Merge.

merge-mini-1 CES 2018: Silly Rabbit, Merge Makes VR For Kids

Merge Mini Goggles For Kids 10 and up available Summer 2018

While most VR goggles are made of black, white or grey hard plastic shells, Merge has gone to great lengths to make their goggles out of  “marshmallow soft” foam. Their foam goggles come in vibrant popping colors that kids love and that don’t look so nerdy.

At CES 2018 in Las Vegas Merge showed off their upcoming Merge Mini virtual reality goggles. These lighter weight, smaller form goggles are designed for kids’ heads aged 10 and up. They’re made out of the same marshmallow soft foam and fit comfortably around the head for hours on end. Kids turn and play fast, with the lighter Merge Mini goggles they can move their heads pretty freely even when they are in the most intense games.

merge-blaster-1 CES 2018: Silly Rabbit, Merge Makes VR For Kids

Speaking of games, Merge also unveiled the 6DoF Blaster. The 6DoF Blaster is perfect for all virtual reality shooting games for kids. As the kids move the blaster around they’ll see the same action right on the screen. If they decide to take that one handed, over the head shot, the blaster on the screen moves with them. It’s perfect for playing in the playroom, the bedroom and even outside. There’s no set up required you just drop your smartphone in and play.

For our 10 year old reporter Tatum, the Merge Cube, available now, was one of the most fun things she saw at CES 2018. The cube lets kids hold and play with a holographic object right in their hands. Each side has a variety of games that can be played. Tatum’s favorite is a game where you can fly a space ship, similar to an X-wing fighter, through a maze of canyons.

Merge designs all of their toys with families and kids at the forefront. They believe that the future of toys should always be positive.

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