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CES 2018: That Time Felicia Day Introduced Neil Patrick Harris To Twitter

ovie-ces-banner-720 CES 2018: That Time Felicia Day Introduced Neil Patrick Harris To TwitterNeil Patrick Harris Talks Self Driving Cars, Media, Growing Up and Twitter, at CES 2018


Whether you know him as Doogie Howser, Barney Hinson from How I Met Your Mother, Dr. Horrible or just because he’s totally awesome, Neil Patrick Harris has become a social media star.  The 44 year old actor, director and producer is loved for his sense of humor and one-liners that seem to come natural. That’s part of the reason he has amassed a Twitter following of over 25m.

That wasn’t’ always the case. In fact it was Dr. Horrible Co-Star, Felicia Day, that originally introduced Harris to Twitter.

That’s just one of the topics that came up while in a fire side chat with his old school buddy Cody Willard. Willard is the former Fox News anchor, former hedge fund manager and new media entrepreneur behind Iamapp a new social app designed to help celebrities reach their fans in unprecedented ways.

The lighthearted fireside chat was part of CES 2018’s C-Space programming which encompasses media, commercial media and content creation. It’s one of the newer tracks at the annual consumer technology show that spreads itself across the entire Las Vegas strip every January. This year, C-Space can be found in the Aria.

neil-patrick-harris-ces2018 CES 2018: That Time Felicia Day Introduced Neil Patrick Harris To TwitterHarris, who is affectionately known as NPH, spoke with Willard about technology, media, the good ole days, sang the theme song to jeopardy and talked about Twitter and social media. Harris revealed that he handles his own social media instead of “hiring one of those guys”. When Willard asked Harris how many Hollywood stars did their own social media, Harris admitted to not knowing everyone in Hollywood.

Harris doesn’t consider himself a brand but says he protects his name and image as if he were a brand and doesn’t use social media to go on tirades like other stars and celebrities, of course including President of the United States, Donald Trump.

In the video above Harris talks about the day Felicia Day introduced him to Twitter. It was when they were together for a Dr. Horrible screening event. Harris didn’t understand the value in 140 characters at the time. He probably didn’t realize he would eventually eclipse Day with nearly 10x as many followers.

Day is a favorite among conferences like Comicon, Vidcon and even CES but has relaxed her conference schedule since the birth of her daughter Calliope Meave, a year ago.

Check out the video above.

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