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CES 2018: Ojo Is So Much More Than A Scooter

petmio-cesbanner CES 2018: Ojo Is So Much More Than A ScooterWe Spoke With Ojo Electric Vehicles President Dale Seiden About Ojo’s Alternative Vehicles

Last year it was apparent we were moving to an age that people were starting to move away from the traditional car. There are electric cars, hybrid cars and self driving cars, all making their way to market. This year at CES 2018 that theme rang out loudly.

Americans, and people abroad, are moving away from cars because of the environment, convenience and also because they don’t want to be locked down to having to drive their car to the market a mile and a half down the road. People want alternative transportation, that’s quick, comfortable and convenient. Enter the Ojo Scooter.

Scooter doesn’t do Ojo justice. It’s a sleek. It has smart features including a capacitive touch screen that gives you all the information you’re accustomed to finding on a dashboard and it’s made out of an aircraft grade aluminum unibody frame. This baby is going to last a while.

Ojo Scooters can travel 25 miles on a single charge, but in the next two months Seiden told us in the video above, that they will offer an accessory battery that will double the distance. As you read this 25 and 50 miles may not seem like much but most people live within 8 miles of their workplace and within 5 miles of conveniences like stores, shopping malls and even libraries. For some that would mean they would only need to charge their Ojo scooter once or twice a week.  The powerful 500 watt HyperGear motor means you can drive about 20 miles an hour, which is pretty zippy but also low enough that you don’t need a special license or permit and you can ride it in most bike lanes.

Speaking of charging, Ojo has done it right. There is a water proof compartment at the front of the scooter that holds a power cord. All you need to do to charge the Ojo is take the retractable cord out and plug it into your standard 110v wall outlet. Because it’s an electric vehicle and not gas powered, you don’t have to worry about getting the office floor dirty, wheel it in and plug it up. There’s also a USB connection to charge your phone on board and a key fob lets you unlock and start the scooter as well as arm an onboard alarm. Just like your car, the key fob can be used to find your scooter in a busy parking lot.

When Seiden and his cofounders went to work no designing Ojo they wanted a more adult scooter. They wanted a scooter to look and feel more like a Tesla or an Apple product and less like a Razor scooter on steroids. The design reflects that in every single detail. Speaking of design they just announced an unprecedented partnership.

The Ojo Scooters come in a variety of styles and colors. Late last year the company announced an exclusive, global partnership, with Ford to bring Ojo scooters to market that reflected the American automotive giants classic style and design. Ford is looking to move into alternative modes of transportation and wanted to get in early with a company like Ojo.  Soon we will see an accessory for Ford trucks that will allow Ojo owners to charge their scooters in the bed of the truck.

Seiden and the Ojo team have designed a vehicle that will last years and provide enjoyment and peace of mind that riders and users are protecting the environment and when they want to take a short drive to the store or work they can. At the same time they’ve designed a scooter that’s extremely fun to drive.

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