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Petrics Debuts The First Smart Connected Pet Bed At CES 2018

This Pet Bed Helps You and Your Dog, Live More Comfortably

Earlier this year when we covered CES 2018 in Las Vegas, there were a lot of pet tech companies showing off the latest connected collars, leashes and bowls. While a lot of this stuff looks cool on the outside, many pet tech items end up being novelties after a few short uses.

You may have seen that commercial where a man is laying in bed and checks on his dogs steps with a big smile on his face. How many times do you think the average pet owner actually looks at his or her dog’s steps. Hint, after the first few weeks, not often. Dog collars with GPS tracking in them (not wifi or BLE) are actually useful but aside from that, once the “newness” wears off it’s just another pet accessory. And you can forget it when the batteries completely die.

petricsapp-1 Petrics Debuts The First Smart Connected Pet Bed At CES 2018Petrics is a pet tech startup based in Wilmington North Carolina founded by vets and pet owners, for pet owners. They’ve introduced an amazing app that serves as the first ever cat and dog, diet and nutrition recommendation engine in the pet industry. Pet owners can use the Petrics app to easily find out what foods will work best with their pets. Compiled by pet nutrition experts and veterinarians, the Petrics app breaks down over 15,000 foods and 17,000 ingredients.  When coupled with your pets’ profiles it matches the best foods and cuts away any worry. It also stays on top of the latest food recalls, and alerts you when the food your feeding your pet is recalled.

After the introduction of their app, Petrics took to CES 2018 in Las Vegas to debut the world’s first connected pet bed. The pet bed is about data, health, convenience and comfort.

The Petrics smart bed for pets collects data as your pet lays in it and gets up. It notes how long they lay down, their body temperature, heart rate and other data points. The temperature of the bed automatically adjusts to ensure that your pet is completely comfortable. Pet owners can also use the data collected from the bed to help their veterinarian keep a complete record of the pet’s health.

The Petrics bed alerts the pet owner if there is something off with your pets normal routine or in the data collected. This early warning can come weeks before a more serious and costly problem manifests. Now pet owners have a better way of knowing how their pet is feeling.

Check out our video interview from CES 2018 above and for more information visit petrics.com

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