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CES 2018 Preview: With Raven You Can Have The Future Of Connected Cars, Here

raven-CES2018-top CES 2018 Preview: With Raven You Can Have The Future Of Connected Cars, HereRaven Is One Of The Smartest In Car Devices Available Today, Wins CES 2018 Innovation Award

Analysts predict that in the next five years we will see more innovation and technology changes in the automotive world than any other time in history. Self driving cars are almost ready for the streets. More manufacturers are creating electric cars. The smart car, and the connected car are innovating daily.

One of the companies leading the charge in the world of smart and connected automobiles is Klashwerks with their Raven device.

Raven is giving drivers next generation smart and connected car features, now, regardless of the vehicle that they own. The innovative device does everything from supply WiFi, to serve as a dash cam. It can even let parents know when their child is speeding and where they are, exactly. It’s no wonder that Raven was named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree at CES Unveiled last week.

What’s even better is you don’t have to wait years, to get your hands on this innovative technology. The company is taking pre-orders now for just $269 for a limited time.

“We’re proud to bring this product to market just in time for winter weather and the holidays,” said Russell Ure, CEO of Klashwerks, the maker of Raven. “Using IoT and connected car technology, Raven helps drivers become smarter and safer on the road and provides confidence and peace-of-mind to car owners, drivers and their loved ones.”

Daily commuters, car lovers, professional drivers and their loved ones are all types of people that Raven will benefit. Product features and capabilities include:

  • Hand gesture controls
  • Speeding alerts & real-time road advice
  • Road & weather condition updates
  • Next-turn navigation
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Video inside and outside of vehicle
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Fuel efficiency & driver safety reports
  • Social-sharing capabilities
  • Eye-level displays

What Klashwerks has done with Raven is effectively taken the technology available in about 10 different automotive devices and rolled it into one, easy to use, dashtop device.

You can purchase Raven here at and check it out in person at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th,

img_4535 CES 2018 Preview: With Raven You Can Have The Future Of Connected Cars, Here