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CES 2018: Rocketbook The Notebook’s That Come From Space

petmio-cesbanner CES 2018: Rocketbook The Notebook's That Come From SpaceRocketbook Is The Magical Pen And Paper Notebook For Our Digital World

When we saw astronauts at CES 2018, that didn’t seem to be related to any kind of Space X or NASA exhibit we needed to know why they were there. We found out that they had gone to space and brought back the pen and paper notebooks of the future, Rocketbook.

Now of course we know that these notebooks didn’t really come from space but their future forward technology is designed to allow the user to get creative and jot things down the old fashioned way with pen and paper. Rocketbook also knew that things people are doing these days on paper notebooks also needed to be able to be used in the digital world, and quickly.

With notebooks from Rocketbook you can draw pictures, diagrams, write notes, even work on a novel and then their state of the art imaging app captures your image in seconds. You choose a destination by marking it on your Rocketbook page and voila it goes to that cloud based destination for safe keeping.

While some of the technology is similar to technology found in Moleskine connected Evernote notebooks, Rocketbook easily integrates with most of the popular cloud platforms including: Evernote, Box, DropBox, Google Docs, OneNote, iCloud and more. The other big feature found in notebooks by Rocketbook is the fact that the pages can be erased easily and the notebook can be used over again.  Your handwritten creations can easily be imported into other applications as well making Rocketbook notebooks truly versatile.

Currently there are three notebooks available from Rocketbook including the Everlast, an endlessly reusable notebook, Wave, a notebook that can be reused after you microwave it and Color, the Rocketbook designed for kids.  With all three Rocketbook notebooks you decide what you want to use it for and where the information is going to go.

We discuss Rocketbooks and why the astronaut suits in the video above. You can check our Rocketbook at getrocketbook.com and find these magical notebooks at Amazon and other fine retailers.

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bonaverde-ces-banner CES 2018: Rocketbook The Notebook's That Come From Space