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Everything Is Bigger In Texas Including Their Startups

CodeLaunch Is Next Week, Come To This Event Free Thanks To Nibletz

codelaunch-top Everything Is Bigger In Texas Including Their Startups

Code Authority is preparing for the CodeLaunch demo day and startup expo next Wednesday in Frisco Texas. You’ll get a chance to meet the startups that went through Code Authority’s CodeLaunch program.

CodeLaunch is the perfect blend of startup accelerator and equity for services, in fact Jason Taylor and his team have spent a lot of time refining the model solving the big problem for design and development firms that want to get into the services for equity model.

Many code development shops, design firms and even PR and marketing agencies have tried to get into startups through an equity for services model. This means that in lieu of cash funding, they offer services, be it app design, UI design, marketing help etc. But for years the model has been flawed. The design shops can’t devote enough time to startups because they need to keep the lights on, startups feel like they are getting the short end of the stick because the work keeping the lights on takes precedence.

Taylor and his developers at Code Authority have taken the accelerator approach whereas at the beginning of each Code Launch session they take hundreds of applications. They put them through a vetting process, and select the startups that will go through the program. During the program they help the startups develop their product. One of the startups will continue on with $30,000 worth of services from Code Authority.

Like most accelerators, CodeLaunch has attracted investors from the region (and there are a good number of them). Investors come from Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Oklahoma and more to get a glimpse of all the startup action. There, hopefully, some startups will find follow on investment.

At CodeLaunch V, powered by Asset Panda, ¬†audience members will hear the pitches from all 5 accelerator startups. After that there’s a startup expo with 50 exhibitors and 20 startups, all worth checking out. It all goes down next Wednesday and you can get your free ticket TODAY by following this link.