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Collision Conference: Hulu Meets Amazon Thanks To Alecia

alecia-collision-top Collision Conference: Hulu Meets Amazon Thanks To AleciaAlecia Vimala Launching Alecia A True Interactive Video Experience For Content and Shopping

Imagine watching your favorite cooking show and simply clicking to purchase all of the ingredients for the recipe the host is making. Imagine watching a fitness video and with a simple click ordering a private workout session or the piece of equipment featured in the segment. Imagine watching a beauty show and with one click buying all the colors in the color palette.

We live in a world where technology would naturally make video and commerce connect and we’ve been waiting to see who would do it first. Well the answer is  Alecia Vimala.

Alecia has created an interactive content platform that allows viewers to watch engaging programs and click to purchase. It’s truly Hulu meets Amazon.

In 2016 Vimala started cooking on video giving viewers direct access to items in her kitchen and it went viral. By 2017 over 160,000 people had joined her for this journey that has gone from vlogging to the next generation of video commerce.

Alecia has over 470+ productions spanning cooking, baking, fitness, beauty, fashion, home decor, sports, talk, music and entertainment.

My vision is to make living better & easier for people, by giving them one click access to what they need.” Vimala says on the website.

To date those 160,000 members of Alecia’s community have placed over 91,000 orders and accounted for over 12.3 million views.

The hope in all this is that Vimala is making lives easier by serving up purposeful content and taking it to that next level where users can act on it immediately. Millennials want easy to consume content and the ability to act instantly. Alecia provides both.

Meet this dynamic entrepreneur and find out more about Alecia at the Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3 and check out their website at

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