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Collision Conference Preview: Get Unparalleled Customer Insights With Alpha

alphahq-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Get Unparalleled Customer Insights With AlphaGet Valuable Insight Into Your Products and Customers In Just 72 Hours With Alpha

Is your company preparing a new product launch? Are you looking for insights into what features you should roll out in your next iteration? Have you noticed a drop in sales? Do you need to do rigorous A/B testing?

Insights into all of these actions used to take weeks if not months. You would have to hire a data scientist or research firm. Your company would need to turn over mountains of data and then those scientists and researchers would need time to go through all of the information. Then, if your company was lucky, you would get some meaningful insight back that probably cost tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, all of this time was wasted, and your competitor probably got their product out of the gate before you.

Technology like big data, data analytics and artificial intelligence has cut that cycle down to just days. The company that has revolutionized this process is New York startup, Alpha.

Alpha combines an intelligent software platform with a proven methodology, engineered for enterprise, and engineered to provide valuable insights on all of the scenarios described above, and more.

Alpha uses an intuitive insights dashboard that allows companies to run tests and experiments based on their mountains of customer and product data. Alpha generates meaningful insights from your target customers at every stage in the product cycle, right when you need it.

  • Alpha sources target users
  • Alpha generates interactive prototypes
  • Alpha creates intelligent surveys, tests and experiments

And it does all of this in 72 hours using a subscription based model with no hidden costs. During your experiments and through the entire process you can add your team members to generate data and explore insights from across your entire organization. You can also control which team members have access to which parts of the data and the insights that Alpha provides. This keeps everyone on task and on the page they need to be.

With Alpha’s subscription based model you can use it again and again through every step of your product lifecycle and as you add new products to your mix.

The best part about Alpha is all of the data insights are returned in easy to understand reports so you can make data based impactful decisions, quickly, and consistently beat your competitors to the punch.

Learn more about Alpha at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd and online at 

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