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Collision Conference Preview: AppShuttle Anyone Can Create Apps

appshuttle-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: AppShuttle Anyone Can Create AppsApp Makes App Creation As Easy As Wix Or WordPress

Apps are all the rage these days. So many people thought they could get by without having some kind of mobile app presence. Many companies, personal brands, authors and startups have gone the route of responsive web design but in some cases that’s not enough. Everyone needs a mobile app.

A few years back there were a handful of sites that had do it yourself platforms for creating HTML 5 apps. These apps weren’t actually native apps but rather web sites designed to look and respond like mobile apps. They also looked choppy and cheap.

A new Colombian startup called is taking the world by storm with their new, and easy to use, do it to yourself app creation. The AppShuttle platform is basically drag and drop with all of the common bells and whistles you would need for a fully functional, native application.

AppShuttle is solving a major pain point for millions of people who know they need and want an app with nowhere to turn to turn that app into reality. A person with the most basic web skills can easily create an app using the AppShuttle platform.

In many ways AppShuttle is a lot like WordPress where someone can drag and drop what they need for their app and then the AppShuttle platform handles all the heavy lifting, in this case, coding. That means that you don’t need to know coding to launch your app.

When it comes time for testing, and before you deploy, AppShuttle allows you to test the app in a true iOS environment right within their browser platform.

Whether your app is a show and tell for your business or a gateway to industry specific news or anything in between, AppShuttle is the easiest way to get your app up and online, now.

Check them out at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd and online at

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