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Collision Conference Preview: Aristotle Unlocks The Power Of Your Data

aristotle-bouquet-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Aristotle Unlocks The Power Of Your DataGive Your Data A Voice With Aristotle By

Data is what’s driving business today. From young new startups, to legacy Fortune 50 companies, data is the most powerful tool a company has. There’s customer data, product data, market research data, user behavior data, data modeling and so many other critical processes that rely on data within your company.

Those top tier Fortune 50 companies can afford a data scientist or a data analytics expert on staff, but nobody else can. People with deep data analytic skills are in high demand and have a cost associated with that demand. Another problem with data scientists and data analytics experts is that they often speak in a data dialect. This means that maybe only one or two executives or engineers in your company can actually interpret that data to actionable results that make sense to all of the major stake holders.

Imagine being at the helm of a young, exciting startup with all this great data. Imagine that you’ve paid a data scientist tens of thousands of dollars to extrapolate the key data points and metrics and provide analytics. Now imagine having to interpret that data, correctly, to investors or your board of directors. There’s a critical language barrier in the world of data that’s not found in any other industry. That language barrier can make the difference between keeping your doors open and products going out the door, and shutting down. It can’t be taken lightly.

Artificial Intelligence and data company, bouquet,ai, has created the world’s first AI based data assistant. The assistant, named Aristotle, is able to answer questions in natural conversation,  in the most simplest of commands, extrapolate data and give you the information that you need in a conversation at simple as you would have with Alexa or Google Assistant.

With Aristotle, every executive, every c-level member, every founder and every member of your board can ask simple data related questions and get answers back that make sense and are equally as easy to understand.

If your company is working on data models and running through scenarios based on data, you can get answers about your data in seconds rather than minutes, hours or even months. With Aristotle by your company, team, or startup saves headaches and money. has made Aristotle so simple that teams access him via Facebook Messenger, the most popular messenger app in the world. Because Aristotle is accessed through Facebook Messenger he’s as easy to communicate with as your buddies Mary or John. With the Aristotle chatbot you communicate with natural language and get answers in natural language. Aristotle is creating unprecedented mass accessibility to data and information.

See how Aristotle can unlock your teams data and data potential at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd. You can also check them out on the web at

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