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Collision 2018 Preview: Have Business Questions? Now You Can AskBrien

askbrien-collision2018-top Collision 2018 Preview: Have Business Questions? Now You Can AskBrienCollision 2018 Startup: AskBrien Is Your Starting Place To Ask Real Business Professionals Questions

Even the most head strong entrepreneurs and founders in the world, hit a wall at some point or another and they don’t know the answer. Right now, tax time, is typically one of those times where new business people will turn to Google to ask questions like “what’s the best way to file my income taxes”. We all know that when you ask Google anything you’re going to get 1,436,300 results and they are all going to contradict each other.

You used to be able to turn to your local chamber of commerce and ask questions but you quickly realized the person on the phone is either consulting their online member list (which you could have easily done) or asking Google themselves. Neither is going to get you the answer you want.

When Quora first launched you used to be able to go onto Quora and ask business, startup or entrepreneur questions and get some really well explained answers. Today you’ll get conflicting answers on how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop.

Well lucky for us Peter Bronstein and Lindsay Mann (neither named Brien), have created a platform for business people to ask each other questions. That platform is called AskBrien.

AskBrien is part knowledge base, part social network and part Quora for real business people. You sign up for a free account and then you’re off to the races. You can pick the brains of accountants, HR people, marketing mavens and other professionals. You can also answer business questions in your area of expertise across 43 different categories.

The question that may be on your mind is just who is this Brien? Well he’s not some Irish guy sitting behind a computer answering all the questions. Bronstein explained to the Huffington Post that Brien was just the available spelling of the domain they wanted when wasn’t available. AskBrien also has a help show on KHTS where Bronstein plays the part of Brien Johnson. Today, Brien is developing a personality of his own.

Don’t confuse AskBrien with AskJeeves, with AskBrien users are able to ask other business professionals and members of the AskBrien community for the help they need in business.

Want to AskBrien yourself? Sign up here at and visit with them at Collision 2018 in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd.