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Collision 2018: When You Have Business Questions Ask Brien

We Spoke With Peter and Lindsay From Ask Brien at The Collision Conference

There are a lot of places to turn to on the internet when you have questions. When you have easy questions you simply ask Google. When you have complex questions where you want different answers that touch on all walks of life you turn to Quora, but what about when you have business questions.

What if you have an idea and want to know if it makes a good business idea? What if you’re ready to start a business but you aren’t sure where to start? What if you’re navigating the starting of a business and you aren’t sure exactly what kinds of insurance you may need. All these questions and more can be answered utilizing the experts on

AskBrien is part knowledge base, part social network and part Quora for real business people. You sign up for a free account and then you’re off to the races. You can pick the brains of accountants, HR people, marketing mavens and other professionals. You can also answer business questions in your area of expertise across 43 different categories.

The question that may be on your mind is just who is this Brien? Well he’s not some Irish guy sitting behind a computer answering all the questions. Bronstein explained to the Huffington Post that Brien was just the available spelling of the domain they wanted when wasn’t available. AskBrien also has a help show on KHTS where Bronstein plays the part of Brien Johnson. Today, Brien is developing a personality of his own.

We got a chance to talk with Peter and Lindsay from AskBrien at The Collision Conference on Tuesday. Check out our video interview above and for more information or to sign up for Askbrien visit

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