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Collision Conference Preview: AT Now Is The Fastest Way For Students To Get Help With Math

atnow-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: AT Now Is The Fastest Way For Students To Get Help With MathCollision 18: Canadian Tutoring Firm, Arnold Tutoring, Creates App To Give All Math Students Access To Tutoring.

Arnold tutoring, a successful math tutoring firm in Toronto and Winnipeg has been instrumental in helping students dominate math with their 1:1 tutoring programs. But they wanted to figure out a way to help more students with their innovative approach to math tutoring. So they made an app.

AT Now is a new math tutoring app that’s not really like anything else currently on the market. AT Now gives students the real benefits of 1:1 tutoring through a mobile delivered app process.

AT Now has simplified the process into three easy steps.

  • Students snap a picture of their math questions and upload them to the app
  • AT Now connects the student with an available tutor who will start the math tutoring session in seconds
  • The math tutor and the student will collaborate on finding the answer in a real time virtual whiteboard setting.

Unlike some programs, AT Now tutors are trained math tutors that teach the student how to get the answer rather than just giving them the answer. Also, the AT Now tutors can spend as much time as they need to ensure the student understands how they got to the answer of the problem and so they can figure out answers to similar problems.

AT Now is for high school, college and university, math students and covers; Calculus 1, Statistics 1, finance and economics courses. If the specific course the student is taking falls outside of those categories, AT Now has an “other” category and can still help.

AT Now strives to keep their wait times down to under five minutes that way students don’t have to wait around. Once the question is submitted and the tutor joins the session students have two minutes to accept the tutor and start the tutoring session.  If students miss the two minute window the question will return to the queue, so students never miss out.

Students can try AT Now completely free for two questions. After that it’s $19.99 a month and definitely worth it. The company is planning on offering tutors 24 hours a day. Currently, tutors are available pretty much all hours students should be awake and there is an indicator on the main page that lets students know if a tutor is available, before they submit the question.

Math tutoring has never been so easy.

You can talk with the AT Now team at the Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30th- May 3rd and find out more on their website, 

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