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Collision Conference Preview: Bak USA, Computers For Education Made Right In Our Back Yards

bakusa-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Bak USA, Computers For Education Made Right In Our Back YardsBak USA Is A Mission Focused Company Building Educational Computers Right In The USA

While many of the top electronics and computer companies like Samsung and Toshiba, come from Asia, the United States has always  had a strong foothold on computers. HP, Dell, Lenovo (IBM) and of course Apple are all based here stateside, not to mention the likes of Intel and Microsoft. This is why the US is ripe for computer companies, especially innovative ones.

Innovation in the computer industry today doesn’t necessarily look like the fastest or most cutting edge anymore. Everyone can offer that. Innovation is at the heart and soul of a company. What are they doing and how are they doing it.

For the Bak family, Danish immigrants living the American Dream, it’s all about purpose. They make purpose built computers for education and they do it in the United States. Not only that though, what started out as a mission to put computers in the hands of those less fortunate across the globe, turned into focusing on the United States as well.

The Bak family’s  American dream started out in the 90’s when JP and Ulla Bak emigrated to the United States to start a microchip company in California. A decade later they found themselves helping to rebuild Haiti after the earthquake. It was there that they established Haiti’s first tablet computer company, Surtab SA. A few short years ago they relocated to Buffalo New York where Bak USA was born.

Bak USA manufactures tablets, like the Seal series and computers like the Atlas series. They make sure their computers end up in the hands of those that need them, and in the United States that means the millions of school children far and wide. The company started out a few short years ago, providing computers to kids in emerging countries. They quickly realized that the need for good quality, purpose built computers for education was rampant here, stateside.

Their newest Atlas computer is a 2 in 1 running Windows 10 built with a rugged casing to ensure that it can handle it’s young users and everything school can throw it’s way. It’s packed with power in processing and graphics meant to deliver crisp, clean images, content and learning. Speaking of power, the New Atlas has a lithium polymer battery designed to hold up for 8 hours, so it keeps going the entire school day.

The latest Seal tablet can run Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro. It’s also crafted in a ruggedized casing, not an external hard case, designed to withstand drops, falls and even slobber. The Seal tablet is perfect for any K-12 classroom and runs a zippy Quad-Core Intel Atom Z8700 processor with a popping 8″ display.

Last year Bak entered a partnership where you can now find their computers at every Microsoft store.

Find out more about this amazing company at The Collision Conference, April 30-May 3rd in New Orleans and online at

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