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Collision 2018 Interview: We Talk BlockChain and The Sharing Economy With BeeToken

BeeToken Is The Token For The Sharing Economy

At The Collision Conference in New Orleans last week we had a chance to talk with the folks behind BeeToken the first crypto-currency platform designed specifically for the sharing economy. The team is made up of rockstars from Uber, Facebook and Google and they’re already up and running with their home-sharing platform called BeeNest in California.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have been all the buzz (you see what we did there), in technology the last few years. Except, when you get past the technoheads, ubergeeks and nerds not many people know exactly what either one of those is, or how they fit together.

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain are ideal ways to democratize some of the basics in society while offering unparalleled user security. Together they create a safer way to pay, arbitrate and transact.

The core team at Beetoken, Jonathan Chou, Tony Tran and Jordan Ong have spent years working on some of the biggest tech in the world. Chou and Tran at Uber and Ong at Facebook. They know a thing or two about payments, user security and the sharing economy. That’s why they created Beetoken as a way to get ordinary people engaged with these life changing technologies in a way they will understand.

Beetoken isn’t just one product, it’s a platform. The Beetoken team has introduced the platform on their own product called BeeNest which is the first of it’s kind, home sharing platform that utilizes cryptocurrency and the blockchain to eliminate the middle man. By doing so they’ve taken the home sharing model, like Airbnb, and stripped away commission fees that can be upwards of 20% of a transaction.

Using Beetoken as the backbone home sharing hosts and home sharing guests can communicate directly with one another, pay directly to each other and leave unalterable reviews. Not only that, but as with any coin based economy, as more and more people use BeeNest and Beetoken, the community and the system grow.

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