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Collision Conference Preview: Bonbouton The Future Of Non Invasive Diabetic Monitorinng

bonbouton-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Bonbouton The Future Of Non Invasive Diabetic MonitorinngBonbouton Insoles Are A Breakthrough In Non Invasive Diabetic Monitoring

Over 371 million people globally suffer from either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. While there are some lifestyle attributions to Type 2 diabetes, it strikes anyone regardless of age, skin color or gender. Diabetes, if not monitored and treated properly, can slowly (or in some cases rapidly) take a life away. Over 70,000 diabetic patients go through lower limb amputations per year, costing the healthcare system over $15 billion dollars.

One of the key things to keeping diabetes under control or even beating Type 2 diabetes is continuous monitoring. For diabetics, monitoring has come a long way from simply taking a blood glucose reading two or three times a day. Health conscious diabetics are taking control of monitoring their health in a variety of ways.

Bonbouton, a New York based health tech startup, is creating smart sensor infused clothing, that provides non-invasive monitoring solutions. Simply put, Bonbouton is making monitoring easy without making the patient feel overwhelmed with cords, pricks and medical gear.

Their first product, is a smart insole that can detect diabetic foot ulcers before they happen. Their insole is just as comfortable as an insole you may wear to increase performance in a running shoe. After the 2007 Nobel Prize winning discovery of graphene, Bonbouton’s founding research team at Stevens Institute of Technology discovered that one of the derivatives of graphene, aka graphene oxide, is essentially the foundation to next generation invisible sensors.

These mechanically flexible and molecularly thin sensors monitor skin temperature, heart rate, sweating and muscle motion. The company has several patents on this technology and it’s first implementation is in foot sensors, easily layered in insoles that diabetics can wear in just about any pair of shoes. Through a connected device the patient can monitor their own foot health or share with a doctor, friend, family member or care-giver. Bonbouton will notify the patient when their foot health is out of the suitable range, thus preventing foot ulcers and ultimately a foot amputation.

Feet monitoring is just the beginning for this breakthrough medical startup. ““In the near future, clothes will act as the natural physical interface of the body to measure vital signs”. Bonbouton CEO Linh Le says on the companies website. Imagine in the not so distant future wearing a nano-sensor, graphene infused shirt or pair of pants that connected with your smartphone or smart watch giving you instant access to your vital signs and important health information.

See the future of diabetic foot health monitoring at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd and find out more online at 

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