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Collision Conference Preview: Boostmi Is Road Ready Roadside Assistance

boostmi-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Boostmi Is Road Ready Roadside AssistanceCollision 18 Preview: Boostmi Is The Uber Of Jump Starting

Roadside assistance has such a bad rep. It’s like your shady uncle Lou who only comes around when he can get something out of you. So many people pay for roadside assistance as an added on warranty program when purchasing a car, or god forbid, from at telemarketing firm. When they actually do have a tire blow out or battery go dead, they’re stuck waiting on the side of the road for hours.

Now of course big companies like AAA or some of the major insurance providers don’t have the same bad reputation but overall roadside assistance is a pretty shady business. The truth is, if there was actually a good roadside assistance alternative, they would make a killing. People want roadside assistance. People want the peace of mind that comes from knowing if their tire blows out on some sketchy back road, they’re going to have someone come help them.

Boostmi is a new kind of roadside assistance. Boostmi is the Uber of jump starting. Basically anyone with a multifunctional battery booster or jumper cables and some knowledge, people can sign up for Boostmi and be there to jumpstart other travelers quicker and friendlier than the typical tow truck.

With Boostmi+ customers use an app and get road ready roadside assistance.  Boostmi is the roadside assistance service that people have been waiting for. Their first big step in the right direction, is not requiring a membership. Rather than a membership fee you pay every month, with Boostmi you have an a la carte menu of competitively priced services that you can choose from, that won’t break the bank.  With Boostmi and Boostmi+ as soon as the service is completed. the payment is handled electronically. Boostmi providers can be anyone with the ability to jump start a car where the Boostmi+ service consists of true automotive professionals.

When you have an emergency that leaves your vehicle stranded on the side of the road, simply go to the Boostmi app. It’s one application with all the services you could ever need from blown tires to dead batteries. If it’s a bigger problem, Boostmi will make sure you can get towed to the nearest, not so shady, shop. They spend the time combing the yellow pages and the internet to find the best and most reliable service providers, so wherever you travel you’re not kept waiting for hours.

Find out more about Boostmi at  The Collision Conference, April 30-May 3rd and online at 

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